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Terre des Hommes smentisce coinvolgimento in IBAIG

19 giugno, 2013

Un comunicato diffuso il 14 giugno dalla sedicente organizzazione “Italians for Boycotting Arab and Iranian Goods (IBAIG) attribuisce false dichiarazioni del Segretario Generale della Fondazione Terre des Hommes Italia Onlus, Donatella Vergari e del Presidente del suo Comitato Permanente, avv. Gaetano Galeone, contro il mondo arabo e l’Iran. “Terre des Hommes smentisce di aver rilasciato qualsivoglia dichiarazione in merito al boicottaggio delle merci provenienti dall’Iran e dal mondo arabo”, afferma Raffaele Salinari, Presidente di Terre des Hommes International Federation. “Diffidiamo chiunque abbia usato proditoriamente il nome della nostra Organizzazione a farlo ancora”.

Terre des Hommes denies involvment in IBAIG

A press release diffused on June 14th by the so-called “Italians for Boycotting Arab and Iranian Goods (IBAIG) organization ascribes to Donatella Vergari, Secretary General of Terre des Hommes Italy Foundation and to Gaetano Galeone, our President of the Permanent Committee, false declarations against Arab World and Iran. “Terre des Hommes denies to have granted any declaration about boycotting goods from Iran and the Arab World”, states Raffaele Salinari, President of Terre des Hommes International Federation. “We warn anyone is using the name of our Organization deceptively that we will prosecute them with legal actions”.

“ROME, 14 June —A new boycott campaign against the Arab world and Iran requiring the cooperation of every supporter of Middle East freedom has been successfully launched by a group of outspoken Italian citizens, it was announced today by its founders. “It is high time we exposed the crimes against humanity committed by the modern pharoahs of the Muslim Middle East. Hosni Mubarak, who enslaved the long-suffering Egyptian people with a 30-year dictatorship that is unprecedented in modern history has now been ousted but a reactionary Islamist regime has taken power. Similarly in Libya. Meanwhile, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman,Tunisia, Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan are being ruled by hereditary fascist thugs and usurpers who are massacring their own people ,” stated Donatella Vergari, General Secretary of the Italian humanitarian organization Terre des Hommes. Speaking to hundreds of Arab refugees from Syria in front of their embassy in Rome, Vergari excoriated these regimes for plundering their countries of their wealth and depriving their people of their basic human rights. She particularly upbraided Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria and Iran for their entrenched system of apartheid against their Christian Copt, Berber, Shia and Kurd populations. The prominent NGO leader also deplored the thousands of civilians massacred by the Arab and Iranian security forces in the streets of Algiers, Cairo, Alexandria, Deraa, Latakia, Damascus, Aleppo, Teheran, Manama, Amman, Jeddah, Gaza City, Ramallah, Aden and Sanaa. “It is simply incomprehensible that these bloodthirsty governments are committing genocide against their own people,” she declared. As a consequence, her new organization — Italians for Boycotting Arab and Iranian Goods (IBAIG)– has demanded that all EU importers immediately terminate their contracts for the purchases of petroleum, petrochemicals, plastics, cotton yarn, towels and garments, rugs, fertilisers, majhool dates, figs, strawberries, taboule, couscous and sheet metal from these countries. In addition, all firms with investments and joint ventures in these tyrannies, including Total S.A., Dassault, Philipps, Volkswagen, Fiat, Lafarge, BNP Paribas, GDF Suez, Assurances Axa, and Peugeot-Citroen are being pressured to divest their assets from them. Of greater import is our campaign for the EU to implement new sanctions by halting tank and missile weapon shipments to the Nazi-like governments of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. “We are now happy to report that the Italian people favour our initiative until the vicious dictatorships of the Arab Middle East and Iran are overthrown and their civilian populations are finally endowed with classical democracy,” Vergari affirmed. She lauded the Italian government for tightening its sanctions against Syria and Iran. “The welfare of the beleaguered Arab and Iranian people must be our number one priority. It is vitally urgent that the international community quickly bring the genocidal dictators Assad and Ahmadinejad to the gallows,” she stated. Vergari also warned against allowing the criminal Fatah and Hamas factions continuing to rule in Palestine. They operate deathly prisons and torture chambers as documented by the UN Human Rights Council. She repeated her insistence that their leaders surrender to the International Criminal Court before the Palestinian street makes short shrift of them. Further, she advocated picketing the Palestinian Delegate General in Rome , an apologist for the murderous Palestinian Hamas regime. The new boycott campaign is supported by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Italians for a Secular Middle East, Zeitun Italia, the Roma Freedom Flotilla Campaign, Caritas Internationalis, the League for Iranian Democracy, the Italian Communist Party, Italian Women Against Saudi Gender Apartheid, Ebrei Contro l’Occupazione and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
IBAIG co-founder John Paul Ramonda, head of the Communita Papa Giovanni XXIII aid organisation and long a crusader for the seething Muslim populations of the Middle East, pointed out that their illegitimate government leaders are being targeted by his cadre of activists with arrest warrants should they step foot on Italian soil or seek asylum here. Under the international laws of universal jurisdiction, war criminals and their genocidal ilk are liable to arrest upon the deposition of a citizen’s complaint before the judicial authorities.
He emphasized that his group’s actions were in complete fulfilment of the treasured Italian tradition of expressing solidarity with suffering humanity. Moreover, it has the complete approval of his strategic advisor Silvia Cattori, a journalist who has specialised in Arab war crimes. In that regard, he called on the international community to prepare the gallows for Bashar Assad, the fascist ruler of Syria bombing his own people with war planes and gassing them with chemical weapons of mass destruction such as the sarin nerve gas agent. As well, the nuclear outlaw Ahmadinejad of Iran must be administered stern justice. “These greasy rats should be torn limb from limb,” he declared to tumultuous applause before the Rome demonstrators. Ramonda particularly singled out the apartheid oppression inflicted by the Lebanese government against the Palestinian refugees in its midst, an act advised and consented to by the illegitimate para-state organisation Hizbullah. Casting aside his previous enmity towards Israel, the veteran lobbyist applauded the Jewish state for bombing Syrian military sites. He urged that its chemical weapons of mass destruction such as the nerve gas agent sarin also be destroyed. He again pleaded with Israel to invade Iran and wipe out the Syrian and Iranian feudal Shi’ite ruling classes under the humanitarian UN Doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect. ”Only such a humanitarian gesture can have the therapeutic effect of strengthening the region-wide intifadas in these countries leading to the toppling of their authoritarian regimes,” he posited. “As for our myriad of friends amidst the general public, we do sincerely thank them for embracing the boycott of Arab and Iranian goods which will immeasurably assist in the liberation of the deeply-suffering Arab and Iranian peoples, ” Vergari and Ramonda concluded. – 30 – Media contacts: Donatella Vergari, Founder IBAIG General Secretary, Terre Des Hommes Milan,”



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