To protect the rights of children in developing countries, without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination: this is the mission of Terre des hommes Italy, a non governmental organisation based in Milan and member of the International Terre des hommes Federation.

Terre des hommes Italy assists directly almost 2,2 million people, mostly children, with 130 projects in 21 countries. The Federation is present in 67 nations and runs 816 projects, benefitting directly over 6.6 million people. With your help, we could do even more.


Terre des hommes Italia (TDH Italy) was founded in 1989 in Milan (Italy), by a group of prominent entrepreneurs and lawyers sensitive to Human Rights, as a non-profit organisation. TDH Italy is part of the Terre des hommes International Federation, with headquarters in Geneva and Brussels, which is currently run by the Italian Presidency.

Over the years, TDH Italy has grown at the organisational and financial level until the final consolidation on June 2nd, 1994, as a Foundation, allowed to operate as a non-profit non-governmental organisation (ONLUS), according to the current Italian Law (Notary Deed 80516/11907, Court of Milan).

The leading Italian scientist an Nobel laureate Prof. Rita Levi Montalcini is Honorary President of Terre des hommes Italia Foundation.


We carry out humanitarian relief and international development projects in the sectors of education, mother and child health, income-generating activities, water & sanitation, child protection and rehabilitation, to the benefit of thousands of children, their families and communities.

In Italy we are engaged in sensitisation and advocacy campaigns for the promotion of child’s rights, in particular against the plea of human trafficking.

In carrying out its projects Terre des hommes Italy ensures financial rigour and transparency (the yearly balance is certified by a professional auditing firm), it aims at the empowerment of local human and natural resources, it is committed to achieve a long-term sustainability of its projects.


The TDH Italy working organisation is structured around a restricted number of permanent staff and voluntary assistants operating from the head office, located in Milan, and co-ordinating a network of voluntary Working Groups diffused all over the national territory and a large number of more than 15.000 private donors and supporters.

For the realisation of its interventions for emergency purposes and for development in favour of children and less fortunate populations in developing countries, the foundation employs expatriates, professionals in Cooperation for Development who run the TDH Italy delegations in the world, coordinating local staff and the work of national partners, providing technical assistance where necessary, and the proper administration of funds.


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