SAD program (child sponsorship program)
    Type: Education
    Local partner: Smile Education Myanmar
    Description: SAD program in Myanmar is ongoing within Twantay Township (Yangon Region) and Yenangyaung Township (Magway Region), from 2008 and 2006 respectively. Five schools are supported by SAD program in Twantay (for a total number of 259 children), whereas ten school are supported in Yenangyaung (for a total of 375 children).
    The program focus on ensuring the school attendance of children aged 7-17, from primary to high school (from KG to Grade 10). By providing teacher trainings, TDH Italy aims at improving the quality of teaching, especially in terms of methodology and approach, in order to indirectly improve the capacity and quality of learning. School stationery (including exercise books, pencils, pens) and school furniture (school sets for students, tables and chairs, cupboards, etc.) are delivered every year according to the number of students and the need of each school.
    Interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to the school buildings can also be carried out.
    Among the activities TDH Italy is planning to provide in the future there are: school gardens, cooking demonstrations and sessions on hygiene and nutrition to actively involve and sensitise the parents.
    Direct beneficiaries: 634 children
    Indirect beneficiaries: 2,747 children and 131 teachers
    Source of funding: TDH, Child Sponsorship
    Start date: 2006

    Promoting an integrated home garden and school garden approach for food and nutrition security in Myanmar/span>
    Type: Nutrition and Education
    Technical and financial partners: Ministry of Education; Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation; Ministry of Health and Sport
    Description: The project is a pilot-project which aims at testing an integrated nutrition education approach, by providing educational activities on nutrition at school and by creating home gardens within the communities the students belong to.
    School gardens will be realised to specifically support the educational activities carried out at school on the importance of nutrition and the environmental safeguards.
    At the same time, students’ families will be involved in practical sessions on nutrition and hygiene. At least 225 families will receive technical assistance and will be trained on the construction of home gardens useful for the food security of all theirs members.
    Direct beneficiaries: 225 households (about 1,025 people); 30 teachers; 540 students attending 5 different schools
    Source of funding: FAO
    Start date: 01/03/2017
    End date: 31/12/2017

    GREAT – Economic, Environmental and Territory Resources Management Project)
    Type: Climate change adaptation, Rural development, Nutrition, Environment safeguards, Agriculture, Hydric procurement and Hygiene
    Local partners: Progetto Continenti; Positive Action (PA); Sustainable Action for Rural Advancement (SARA)
    Description: The project aims at strengthening the rural communities resilience in Dry Zone for fostering their climate change adaptation, by helping people to enhance their nutrition and their income through differentiation, year-round extension of productive activities and improvements in natural resources management skills. The effects due to climate change will be mitigated by operating at three different levels:
    1) with the beneficiaries, by introducing innovative techniques and technologies to encourage sustainable adaptation strategies. Within the targeted villages, agriculture and livestock production will be intensified and diversified;
    2) at the community level, by promoting greater sharing and efficiency when it comes to resource management. The community natural resources management capacities will be improved;
    3) by involving public actors and institutions (especially at regional level) in more efficient natural resources management strategies and for water resources in particular.
    Direct beneficiaries: 15,000 people
    Indirect beneficiaries: 3,900,000 people (Magway Region population)
    Sources of funding: AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation); Terre des Hommes Italia; Progetto Continenti
    Start date: 15/03/2017
    End date: 14/03/2020

    Soilless Horticulture and other Water-saving Innovative Technologies for Landless and Marginal Farmers (SOW-IT)
    Type: Rural development, Food security, Nutrition, Water resources.
    Technical partners: YEZIN Agriculture University in Myanmar; University of Bologna
    Description: The project aims at supporting the rural communities in Dry Zone and improving their nutrition and income, through:
    – large scale adoption of innovative and sustainable homestead agricultural techniques, tailored to the local environment;
    – nutritional and alimentary education;
    – improvement of water resources availability and management at village level.
    Within the targeted 75 villages, more than 1,000 hydroponic gardens have already been realized by using recyclable material: such gardens are particularly cheap, they don’t need special maintenance work and, above all, they daily provide fresh vegetables. Beside the construction of such productive systems and related trainings on horticulture, other activities have been carried out: renovation of existing water infrastructures, establishment and training of communitarian groups for the management of resources, sessions on nutrition and hygiene and, to conclude, establishment of producer groups (PGs) dedicated also to microfinance.
    Direct beneficiaries: 10,000 people
    Indirect beneficiaries: 30,000 people
    Sources of funding: UNOPS – LIFT (Livelihood and Food security Trustfund)
    Start date: 01/02/2014
    End date: 31/07/2018

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