Burkina Faso

    Technical assistance for the establishment of a Centre providing Education and social Reintegration support to Minors in Conflict with the Law (CERMICOL) and for the strengthening of the social reintegration volet of minors, according to the Juvenile Justice National Policies in Burkina Faso
    Type: Juvenile Justice
    Local Partner: Ministry of Justice in Burkina Faso – Department of Criminal Policies
    Direct beneficiaries: 60 Minors in conflict with the law
    Description: The project, by strengthening children alternative measures to detention, contributes to the development of a juvenile justice system based on reintegration and education strategies. The main outcome is the establishment of a new equipped centre able to host until 60 minors (48 boys and 12 girls), already sentenced or waiting for judgement.
    The building has already been built within Bobo-Dioulasso, where the second Juvenile Court of the Country is also set, with the official purpose to ensure education and social reintegration support to minors in conflict with the law.
    Many are the services provided by the centre, including psychosocial support, health assistance, legal aid (with a lawyer in charge of drafting the personal dossiers of children and other concerning procedures and paperworks), education activities (focused on addressing schooling improvements or basic literacy skills achievement), pedagogic and recreational activities, vocational activities. The Centre is also equipped with ateliers, with a multipurpose room, two rooms for education activities, a little clinic, outside space for sport activities, a water-well with a huge storage tank and fields dedicated to agriculture, farming and livestock activities.
    After building the above-mentioned Centre (which has been juridically recognised by the Authorities), TDH Italy has monitored the organisation of training sessions to the Governmental staff in charge of managing the Centre and taking care of the children. TDH Italy has also being responsible for arranging other activities related to the social reintegration of minors and their “life projects”, mainly focusing on the direct engagement of families and communities.
    The project, which started in 2014, has passed through the political events which hit the Country between 2014 and 2016. For this reason, two years of extension have been allowed (2017-2019) to strengthen the practices and strategies previously introduced.
    Further activities are carried out to ensure the proper operativeness of the Centre: the sharing of best practices, the organisation of technical meetings, awareness raising and training sessions (to juridical, social and communitarian actors involved in the process of social reintegration of minors in conflict with the law), as well as the improvement of social services practices, the sensitisation and mobilisation of the communities the concerning minors come from.
    Source of funding: Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS);
    Principality of Monaco – Department for the International Cooperation, Support to National Justice Policy Plan, UE, UNICEF
    Start date: 01/03/2017
    End date: 28/02/2019

    Based-community protection intervention in the context of 10 traditional gold mines (Sanguié and Tuy)
    Type: Protection of human rights, Children rights
    Local Partner: Ministry of the Woman, of the National Solidarity and of the Family, Grassroot community organizations
    Direct beneficiaries: 10 community members (for each one of the target gold mines) trained on human rights and conflict prevention and resolution skills, in order to establish forms of self-managed and community-based protection mechanisms (“protection committees”);
    The population of the 10 target golden mines has facilitated access to basic health assistance, sexual and reproductive health, protection and prevention of violence mechanisms, psychosocial support, legal aid in case of human rights violations;
    At least 300 women with school-aged children, 100 girls who used to prostitute or underwent cases of exploitation and 100 young miners provided with income generating activities;
    5000 children have access to basic education, psychosocial support, cultural and recreational activities provided inside child-friendly spaces, thanks to the involvement of local communities and associations. At least 10% of those children (500) provided with birth registration certificate and enrolled at school;
    20.000 people sensitized through campaigns and activities fostering social changes on different key-issues, including environment, conflict prevention and resolution.
    Description: In Burkina Faso, the establishment of illegal gold mine sites is a currently hot issue, especially because of the involvement of a huge amount of people who create temporary settlements all around the mining work fields.
    In such a context, life is particularly tough and no rules exist: drug, prostitution, interpersonal conflicts and diseases are the main issues the project aims to contrast, in order to promote the respect of human rights, especially of the most vulnerable ones.
    The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the resilience capability of families and communities who live near to the traditional gold mines, to contrast poverty, the risks of diseases, stigmatization, exploitation and abuse. The specific objective is to contribute to the creation of protection mechanisms within the communities, to ensure the prevention and resolution of conflicts, the respect of human rights and to facilitate the access to “in situ” social mobile services, with a special focus on most vulnerable people who live close to and work at the golden mine sites.
    Source of funding: EuropeAid, CIAI
    Start date: 01/02/2017
    End date: 31/01/2019

    Etoiles du Burkina (Burkina’s Stars): Project on the Promotion of Girls and Women Human Rights
    Type: Child Protection, Human Rights
    Local Partner: Promo Femmes, CANAL +, Ministry of the Woman, of the National Solidarity and of the Family, Ministry of Youth, Vocational training and Employment
    Direct beneficiaries: 30
    Indirect beneficiaries: 10.000
    Description: The centre provides vocational trainings (such as tailoring), but also literacy courses and information useful for the life of every girl and woman, such as reproductive health, legal remedies in case of violence, access to income generating activities and to forms of association helpful to foster girls/women participation in the society. Moreover, a network composed of other “female” centres is developing in the peri-urban areas of the city, with the purpose to enhance the exchange of information, experiences, training opportunities.
    The connection to the social services of Arrondissement 9 within the municipality of Ouagadougou is extremely important, since young women looking for “protection” can be supported by the Centre and by the municipality social workers for their socio-professional reintegration.
    The project is sponsored by two TDH Campaigns on girls human rights and, thorough campaigning, communication activities, lobbying and community mobilisation, it addresses relevant issues, including early marriages, sexual and reproductive health, prevention of gender-based violence.
    Source of funding: TDH Italy, Child sponsorship
    Start date: 11/10/2016

    Protecting vulnerable children through education, health support and birth certificate in rural areas of Ouagadougou
    Type: Education, Health, vocational training
    Local partner: Promo-Femmes/Développement et Solidarité Association
    Direct beneficiaries: 181
    Indirect beneficiaries: 1.000
    Source of funding: Terre des Hommes Italy, Child sponsorship
    Start date: 01/01/2004

    Child protection and family support for vulnerable children in the rural zones of the municipality of Ouahigouya (Yatenga)
    Type: Education, Health, Child Protection
    Local partner: Zoodo pour le développement de la femme Association
    Direct beneficiaries: 131
    Indirect beneficiaries: 700
    Source of funding: Terre des Hommes Italy, Child sponsorship
    Start date: 01/01/2004

    Community based Child protection in Watinoma (Oubritenga)
    Type: Education, Health, Child Protection
    Local partner: Song Taaba Association
    Direct beneficiaries: 270
    Indirect beneficiaries: 1.704
    Source of funding: Terre des Hommes Italy, Child sponsorship
    Start date: 01/09/2006

    Child protection, support to education and reduction of school drops out especially among girls
    Type: Education, Health, Child Protection
    Direct beneficiaries: 217
    Indirect beneficiaries: 1.000
    Source of funding: Terre des Hommes Italy, Child sponsorship
    Start date: 01/09/2011
    End date: 31/12/2017

    Reinforcement of Burkina faso’s juvenile justice. Support to Bobo Dioulasso juvenile court
    Type: Human Rights, Juvenile Justice
    Local partner: Ministry of Justice
    Direct beneficiaries: 180
    Indirect beneficiaries: 333
    Source of funding: Italian Foreign Affairs Ministery – Italian Cooperation, TDH Italy
    Start date: 01/03/2014
    End date: 28/02/2017

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