Emergency intervention for the improvement of health and hygiene conditions in the migrant and refugee center of Gharyan and in the Libyan hosting communities

    Note: Due to accessibility issues and a challenge to sustainability based on access and coordination, the project changed focus and scope to ensure that emergency needs amongst the displace Libyan population and the most vulnerable populations in detention were served.
    Type: Protection (refugees, displaced persons, minorities, migrants, others)
    Beneficiaries: 2140 migrants, women, children, and men; 800 Libyans (women, men, children)
    Description: The project aims to improve and strengthen the levels of protection and psychological assistance of migrant refugees in the centers of Qasr bin Ghasheer and Tajoura, and in Alfallah Camp 1 for internally displaced persons.
    Activities: Opening of two safe areas for children, the first inside a selected center between those of Qasr bin Ghasheer and Tajoura, and the second inside Alfallah Camp 1. Structured psychosocial support activities within the two spaces and through mobile units. Creation of a local referral system with specialized health or mental health facilities for the most difficult cases and with the greatest need for assistance (children with disabilities, physical and mental health problems). Distribution of hygiene kits in the identified centers and to the most vulnerable Libyan families.
    Donor: Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS)
    Start date: 02/07/2018
    End date: 01/05/2019

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