NICE CRIANÇA, for the professional training of childhood educators and social assistants, Provinces of Maputo and Sofala
    Type: Vocational training
    Local partner: Università Pedagogica, Rede Contra o Abuso de Menores (Rede Came), Rede Provincial dos Direitos das Crianças de Sofala (SOPROC), Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI)
    Direct beneficiaries: 7.272
    Indirect beneficiaries: 10.000
    Source of funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Start date: 01/04/2014
    End date: 30/06/2017

    House of the Sun in the districts of Boane and Matola
    Type: Education, Child Protection
    Local partner: Health, Gender and Social Protection District Service, Kulima, ESSOR, Coalizão da Juventude Moçambicana
    Direct beneficiaries: 421
    Indirect beneficiaries: 5.000
    Source of funding: TDH Italy, Main AD child sponsorship
    Start date: 01/03/2009

    Support at the infancy centre of Beira
    Type: Education, Child Protection
    Local partner: Sofala Social Services Province Directorate, ESSOR, Medici con l’Africa CUAMM,  Kuplumussana Association
    Direct beneficiaries: 119
    Indirect beneficiaries: 650
    Source of funding: TDH Italy, child sponsorship
    Start date: 01/01/2013

    Improvement of facilities for early childhood education in Boane
    Type: Education, Child Protection
    Direct beneficiaries: 2,000
    Indirect beneficiaries: 10,000
    Source of funding: Embassy of Japan
    Start date: 26/02/2015
    End date: 30/06/2016

    Resilience in Gorongosa: Integrated participation and intervention for long-lasting peace in the Gorongosa mountains, through the reactivation of the social and economically productive development processes, scholastic activities, basic health services and the promotion of gender equality
    Type: Child protection, Development, agriculture
    Local partner: Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo ONLUS (CCS Italia), Rural Association for Mutual Support (ORAM), Serviço Distrital de Educação, Juventude e Tecnologia (SDEJT)
    Direct beneficiaries: 49.630
    Source of funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Start date: 15/01/2016
    End date: 14/01/2019

    Immediate response to the food crisis caused by the El Niño in the Boane district, Maputo Province in Mozambique
    Type: food security, water
    Direct beneficiaries: 26.198
    Indirect beneficiaries: 42.151
    Source of funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Start date: 08/07/2016
    End date: 07/12/2016

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